Think Savvy Book & Poster Bundle


This bundle consists of the “Think Savvy, Revise Smart” paperback book and Top Tips for a Top Year A3 poster.

The book is the ‘Go-to-Guide’ for taking the stress out of exams. Full of helpful strategies that you can apply from the first day of Year 11, to the day of your last Year 12 exam and beyond. Keep the key messages for study success, ‘front and centre’ with this ‘Top Tips’ poster. Both informative and simple, this is an essential in your study skills toolbox.


“Think Savvy, Revise Smart” Paperback Book

Would you like to face exams with confidence, knowing that you are well prepared and ready to face whatever the exam holds? Then “Think Savvy, Revise Smart” is your answer. This book is full of straightforward, science-based strategies that really work.

In an afternoon of easy reading, you will learn how to focus the power of your brain to learn well and perform at your best during exams.

You will learn how to:

  • Use smart study habits, to LEARN MORE IN LESS TIME;
  • Use strategic, focussed revision to TARGET YOUR EFFORTS;
  • Use savvy exam tips to MAXIMISE YOUR MARKS;
  • and much, much more.

If you are a parent, then this book is for you too. Sharpen your own brain and learn how to support your loved one during Year 11 and 12, and beyond, with “Think Savvy, Revise Smart”.

Top Tips for a Top Year – A3 Poster

This ‘Top Tips’ poster will help you set up for success and keep you on track during the year.

It is a great way to reinforce some of the key concepts explained in the book. Post it up on the toilet wall, so these helpful messages are always in mind’s eye.

Do you have a teenager who doesn’t like reading? Then this poster is your answer! They will be able to learn some of the key ‘Think Savvy’ concepts to keep them healthy and perform at their best.

This high-quality laminated poster is A3 in size.