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Christine West is an avid learner with a passion for sharing her skills and knowledge to improve the lives of others. She has spent over 25 years in a variety of science-based occupations, including nearly a decade in teaching and tutoring Science and Chemistry at high school and university levels. A mother of two teenagers, Christine has first hand experience in the challenges both students and parents face during the final years of high school.

Using her experience in teaching high school students, marking Year 12 external Chemistry exam papers and studying at post-graduate level, Christine has written the book she wishes was available two years ago when she realised the size of the gap between the study skills students need, and the skills they have.

Using her love of science and her ability to simplify difficult concepts, Christine has reviewed recent neuroscience research into the science of learning, and incorporated this with her experience in teaching-learning. The result is her first book, “Think Savvy, Revise Smart” which covers strategies to use both during the weeks leading up to exams, and during the exam itself.

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